My Basic Guide to Lingerie

Digital book: My Basic Guide to Lingerie.

Practical manual to make your own lingerie. You do not need to have any previous knowledge. Learn from taking measurements, types of fabrics, to drawing Bralette and Panty molds and their different variants.

By Itzel Solis Torres; founder and designer of Because I Love.


-Introduction to Lingerie.

-Necessary materials for its elaboration.

-Types of machines.

-Necessary qualifications for its elaboration.

-Types of fabrics useful for making lingerie.

-How to calculate the percentage of elasticity of a fabric?

-Types of elastics.

-Seam allowance according to the type of elastic.

-How to calculate the measure of an elastic?

-How to know the perfect fit in my bra?


-How to take action?

-Measurement table.

-Basic cup outline.

-Wide side of the cup.

-Cup with straps.

-Back stroke.

-Cup to back stroke.

-Cup line with vertical cut.


-How to take action?

-Measurement table.

-Basic front line .

-Basic rear stroke.

-Hip height variants in basic pantyhose.

-Stroke thong.

-Stroke of a cheeky boxer.